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Hello Everybody! My name is Jordan McKibbon and I am from Hamilton, ON. Canada. I am an avid angler and lover of nature/the outdoors. I am currently a prostaff angler for Carrot Stix – Team Orange, and I spend almost all of my free time on the lakes, rivers/streams with a rod in my hands. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved being outdoors. As a youngster I was always playing at the forest that backed onto the local park by my house – running and biking through the trails for hours, catching frogs in the swamp at the centre of the forest, etc. It was through my love for nature/the outdoors that I found my passion for fishing. I really took a liking to fishing because I realized that it was a peaceful, safe, and fun activity that people of all age levels, gender, and athletic levels could enjoy together. We live in a beautiful country that has endless streams, rivers and lakes, full of fish/game and beauty beyond our imagination. I believe that we are incredibly fortunate to have these amazing resources right on our back doorstep, and I intend to share my experiences and teach others how to utilize these resources to create experiences and memories of their own. This beautiful country is Canada, and this is HOME. Get out there and discover it!

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