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CAPT James Mathias Is an avid angler, and charter captain on the beautiful Bay Of Quinte and Lake Ontario. He has been a hobby fisherman his entire life. At the young age of 16 when James left his home in Toronto to travel the world, at one point he found himself working in Aberdeen Scotland on a commercial fishing vessel. Working the commercial side of the fishing industry changed James life for ever. Once James found himself back in his home country of Canada he found, and settled down, with his beautiful wife Rachel, at the age of 24. Since then James has found himself travelling every so often to the east coast of Canada to engage in small seasons of commercial fishing simply for the love of being on the ocean. Due to the love of being on the water combined with the love of people, James created Sea's The Day Fishing Charters. In 2012 he sold his thriving Landscaping business in Toronto, moved the family to the Quinte region, and has been taking clients out for trophy sized walleye during the fall and winter months, as well as for King salmon, and trout, during the summers, ever since. In recent years James continues to travel in the spring (if he can) mainly to try different types of commercial fishing. In 2015 James tried his first spring season as a lobster fisherman in Cape Breton. James has come along way in a short period to be able to provide a Quality of life for his family with the help of his loving wife, allowing him to follow his dreams and his love of fishing, providing unique opportunities filled with memories for all who join him. Now a full fledged certified charter captain, CAPT James welcomes you to share his adventures by following him through his social media and his website fishingquinte.com where he captures and shares the ongoing adventures.

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