Donate to Feed My Starving Children through Angling For Life

//Donate to Feed My Starving Children through Angling For Life

Donate to Feed My Starving Children through Angling For Life

Angling for Life has chosen Scottie Martin to be their Canadian Ambassador. Through CFN we will organize events and create awareness to raise funds for charity.

Angling for Life is a group of people who believe it is absolutely unthinkable that children are dying slow agonizing deaths when they can be easily provided for. We believe you agree. The sustained excellence of Feed My Starving Children is a rarity among charitable organizations making it an easy choice as a means to reach these children. Its cause could scarcely be loftier, saving the lives of children on the brink of starvation all over the globe.

Quote from Feed My Starving Children; “I oversee Feed My Starving Children’s fundraising activities and fully approve of Angling for Life’s fundraising partnership with the Canadian Fishing Network for Feed My Starving Children. If you make a donation directly to Feed My Starving Children, we will provide you with a 100% tax-deductible receipt. – Katie Olson, Development Advisor @ FMSC”.

The link below will take you directly to their donation page. CFN will not be collecting donations on this website.


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