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Kayak Fishing Ontario Canada

As 2018 Bass Season is getting closer ,For us Kayak Anglers I can say we will start to see many more Bass kayak events And only to get stronger as the years move on and the sport gets Bigger,,,Bass fishing from a Kayak is growing in Ontario Very Fast and you will start to see this in the next 2 to 3 years, It has gone from can’t find a Tournament, To now trying to pick which one you want to enter, as the sport of Bass fishing from a Yak grows lets keep it Very Friendly and at the same time Competitive with Great sportsmanship. Bring on 2018 KAYAK Bass Season!

Cheers From YAKMAN ONT

2018 Some Tournaments ,,! Its Kayak Time !


!!!!!!!!!!!And Out In The Ottawa Area There is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the 2018 K.A.A.O. ‘On the Water Tournament Series’ schedule!

*May 12th*Event #1 – Mill Pond (Pike)          *May 26th Event #2 – Deschenes Rapids (Catfish)         *June 9th*   Event #3 – White Lake (Panfish)
*June 23rd*Event #4 – Merrickville (Bass)      *July 7th*Event #5 – Muskrat Lake (Bass)                      *July 28th*Event #6 – Newboro Lake (Bass)
*August 4th*Event #7 – Clayton Lake (Bass)      *August 10th-12th*Upper Ottawa River Race, Veterans Event and Kayak Fishing Derby (Multispecies)                                                          *September 15th*Event #8 – Mississippi Lake


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