Canadian Fishing Network (CFN) is a movement and a platform that will showcase and feature fishing in Canada, the country, the people and the businesses in the industry.

We are not a “how to fish” group but rather a “look at Canadian fishing” one.

Here is an overview of what we do:

– Spotlight the Canadian fishing industry on the website as well as produce shows on the following:
– Cover and highlight Canadian fishing tournaments with scoreboards and leader boards
– Feature excellent fishing destinations
– Feature Canadian Pro anglers
– Feature Canadian made products
– Feature Canadian organizations

– Compile as much information about Canadian fishing into one website
– Create an extensive Canadian business directory in the fishing and hospitality industry
– Sign up – connect all Canadian anglers into the community site e.g. facebook, instagram
– Compile videos from the net on fishing in Canada
– Events Calendar
– On-line Contests
– Coupons

13041061_261921997488030_612896650611129749_oCanadian Fishing Network is being led by Red Andal and Scottie Martin and together with our Provincial Ambassadors and Team Members our goal is to show how great our country Canada is and the fishing within. We always welcome help, anything you can contribute and share please do contact us we would be happy to have you on board with our mission.